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The Right People At The Right Time

IceTech specializes in delivering temporary, temporary-to-hire, direct hire, administrative, clerical, cleared hard to find candidates for your labor contract categories.

Your goal is to focus on your core business. Our goal is to help you by offering comprehensive workforce solutions. Providing you with the right talent at the right time is how it begins. From the IT department, accounting, pharmaceutical, temporary staffing, direct to Hire, subcontracting workforce to the medical facility, we’ll deliver the skilled professionals you need at the cost you like.

Temporary-to-hire staffing gives you the unique option to evaluate an employee’s performance on-site before making a final hiring decision—ensuring the new employee is a good fit with co-workers, company culture, and day-to-day responsibilities.


We trained our work force and helped them achieve the certifications in their field. (This has benefit IceTech in lowering our overhead rates to the clients we serve, keeping a better skill work force, while keeping our turnover rate low)

Reduce your hiring risk

We’ll alleviate the administrative burden of recruiting, evaluating, screening, and interviewing full-time employees by providing you with highly qualified candidates. Together, we’ll establish an agreed-upon time frame for you to evaluate each candidate on-the-job, and we will retain the individual on our payroll during that time.

Staffing Chart


IIceTech have a team of 8+ recruiters, data miners and research analysts supporting our customers staffing needs. To support this project, we are providing a dedicated Account Manager (AM) and Recruitment Manger (RM) to oversee the screening hiring process.

Our recruitment process includes involvement of our technical consultants as subject matter experts (SME) to technically screen the resources before submittals. Our recruitment team will have access to our technical experts for technical screening. Our RM has over 15 years of experience in managing recruitment for major clients and federal agencies. The technical screening team consists of highly experienced professionals with average hands-on experience of more than 10 years in various technologies and areas of expertise. After resume evaluation and initial screening of the resource, the recruitment team submits the shortlisted resource to technical SMEs for technical interview within a day of identifying the resource. The Technical screening team selects resources that are closest match to the task order and are within competitive pay rates. From the list of candidates received from our team, ACCOUNT MANAGER (AM) will select the best 2 candidates for submission to the client.

IceTech possesses strong capabilities to source and hire cleared personnel. Our team member‘s hold Top Secret facility clearance. We have been serving on various defense contracts for over a decade. Following are the different sourcing methods we use for cleared candidates:
Resume Database :
We maintain a large database of resources that possess various levels of security clearances. Our database contains more than 5,000+ cleared candidates that will meet DoD requirements. Our recruiters very well understand the security clearance and various terminologies used such as TS/SCI to perform Boolean search on the database. Our trained and experienced recruiters will play crucial role in finding us the right cleared candidates faster.
External Candidates :
We also use many job portals such as clearancejobs.com and advertisement postings to reach outside resources not in our database with the required clearance level and matching skill set. We also use referrals to get cleared candidates. We contact similar candidates in the same area and industry and ask for referrals. We post jobs on our website and social media sites such as LinkedIn and face book to reach to clearance community. We also attend Cleared Job so we can hire candidates to maintain our bench strength.
On-boarding Process :

IceTech’s on-boarding process starts as soon as we receive the notification from client that we have won the task order and our resource has been selected for the position. We coordinate with client and the resource for deciding the joining date and start the formalities for getting the required security clearance done to work at the client site and access to client ‘s information system. Our Account Manager (AM) has extensive experience getting resources on-board for positions with various security clearances. ACCOUNT MANAGER (AM) will work with our Facility Security Officer (FSO) to transfer the clearance to us. FSO will be the single point of contact for any clearance requirement. Upon receiving notification from ACCOUNT MANAGER (AM), FSO will initiate the security transfer using JPAS. Our FSO has years of experience in handling security clearance for our clients. He has a thorough understanding of Treasury Security Manual, TD P 15-71, Chapter I, Section 4, and “Personnel Security Operations" to present qualified cleared staff to the State Department. He will guide candidates through the clearance process and will notify personnel security office once candidate completes the required forms. FSO will conduct orientation to the candidate on security consideration for this contract. ACCOUNT MANAGER (AM) and FSO will ensure that the candidate maintains his clearance and clearances are renewed within the period before expiration.

Pre-submittal Process
We will communicate with candidates early in the screening process the clearance and investigation requirements.
•           Credit Check- We run credit check before each submittal to the state department. In our process, we do check whether consultant has any current un- resolved tax issues.
•           We requires consultant to submit the copy of U.S. citizenship or Green Card
•           We also requires consultant to provide proof of registration with Selective Service for all males and females born after 1959

Icetech online time tracking system linked with employee care to capture time sheets of the employees. This online portal easily generates reports including contractor name, resource name, category, days, billed hours, rates, location and government reference. Account Manager (AM) will generate and share this report with Client stakeholders monthly in xls format, or access using Sharepoint.

Our Core Staffing Competencies:


Temporary Staffing
Temporary staffing is contract work delivered by Ambassadors of our company who are engaged and perform more like full-time employees. Temporary services allow you to react to an influx in work without hiring employees full-time or to fill in for a leave of absence, long-term vacation, maternity leave, etc.

This is a "try before you buy" solution. It allows you to work with our candidate on a temporary basis before having to make that important full-time hiring decision. We assume the full burden of expertly recruiting, evaluating, screening, interviewing, hiring and managing your candidate. After a pre-determined period of temporary work, you then have the option to offer our Ambassador a full-time, internal position with absolutely no conversion fee whatsoever.

Direct Hire
Allow our friendly, talented recruiters to use their knowledge and expertise to search and screen candidates for your internal, full-time positions. You don't have to worry about paying for ads, parsing resumes or trying to contact passive candidates.

Executive Search
Our specialized search group can manage the process of recruiting elite candidates to fill the senior executive positions in your organization.

You find the employee, we put them on our payroll. We assume all payroll and insurance responsibilities, including worker’s compensation and unemployment premiums. You maximize flexibility, efficiency and minimize paperwork.

A comprehensive talent fulfillment program delivered through a dedicated service team located on premise at your facility. We will customize every facet of the program from sourcing, screening and employee relationship management to invoicing, reporting and service level management to ensure alignment with your company's unique perceptions of quality, culture and business goals.

Virtual On-Premise
When it is not feasible to house our dedicated On-Premise service team at your facility, we can provide all benefits of the On-Premise solution through our Virtual On-Premise offering. Our dedicated service team is housed in an off-site location near your workplace and delivers a fully-customized staffing solution including full-time recruitment, employee relationship management, program performance monitoring, and frequently visits your facility.

Our Recruitment Process Outsourcing solution provides end-to-end recruitment support for entry level to executive search positions. Our RPO program can include the management of a variety of recruiting processes based on your specific business needs including job description creation, tactical position sourcing strategies, resume screening and tracking, testing, interview coordination, on-boarding, etc.

Allow us to manage your entire contingent workforce program including staffing partners and associated technology platforms. Through a dedicated program management team, we will serve as champions of your corporate culture, align our solution to your corporate goals, enhance enterprise-wide consistency and performance, and only partner with only the most reputable staffing partners to ensure the delivery of high quality talent.

1099 Compliance Management
IceTech can help you mitigate the risks associated with independent contractor relationships. We offer protection and documented backup for each 1099 contractor. We also provide on-site and webinar training and education specifically focusing on 1099 compliance and co-employment.