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About Icetech

Icetech we are large enough to provide full-service enterprise solutions, but small enough to react swiftly to the rapidly changing technology landscape. We have a wide variety of skills to cover each phase of the development, implementation, and integration process.

Our businesses analysts help capture your business process and computing needs.

Our Staffing services provides Hard to find Staffing cleared personnel and un-cleared positions.

Our system engineers and database administrators turn these needs into hardware, OS, and software requirements. Not only do they turn them into requirements, but also they do the installation and troubleshooting.

Our infrastructure people install cabling plants, concentrators, routers, and switches.

Our certified support technician solves your desktop platform from administrators to helpdesk support, break-fix, printer repairs, desktop upgrades and PC rollout.

On the Science research side, we provide the bridging between Science and technology.

On the applications end.

Our developers produce applications in C, C++, Power builder, even Java. Speaking of Java, our web development team works with ASAP, .NET, SQL, SUN, Oracle, UNIX, Java, HTML as well as web page design, site hosting, and other web services.

With Systems Networks & Research Consulting services! We put a half decade of networking and engineering experience to work for you.

We offer a wide array of consulting services to meet your requirements.

Welcome to the world of Icetech, we hope you will like what you see.