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Wireless / Wi-Fi Network Installation & Services

IceTech’s wireless installation team delivers in-building wireless solutions that range in scale from small co-axial cable based repeater systems to multi-service fiber distributed antenna systems that sprawl multi-industry campus environments.
Icetech technicians document all critical Wireless information. We maintain this data to ensure that our teams can provide rapid response to any future maintenance needs. Common data points for installation documentation include: repeater attenuation settings, BTS output power measurements, cable labeling schemes, coaxial cable sweep measurements, fiber optic cable OTDR results, and fiber component output power levels. Our installation documentation package can be customized to meet any customer's specific repository needs.

System Acceptance Testing Verification and Heat-mapping Survey

IceTech's Engineering Team will measure and record newly enhanced in-building RF coverage levels provided by the macro cellular network to verify that all in-building system design requirements have been met. Depending upon our customers' needs, Icetech engineer’s record channel, signal strength, and signal quality readings from mobile handset(s) at pre-determined intervals. Or if a more thorough analysis is necessary, Icetech will perform a thorough building walk recording coverage and service performance measurements using advanced RF scanning / recording equipment. Icetech offers ATP services for systems that we install as well as for customers wishing to bring in an independent third party to verify system acceptance and heat-mapping surveys.

Site Survey Documentation

IceTech’s Site Survey Packages typically include:

      • Dominant Server Analysis
      • Spectrum Snapshots for all Wireless Service Providers
      • Transmitter Test Results (if warranted)
      • Annotated Floor Plans
      • Safety and Building Code Requirements